Terms of Use

What you may….
You can use my free items for every personal project in your scrapbook, for printing and/or any other creative idea you can come up with. You may share my general free item as you have downloaded it, unaltered and as a whole on your own website. Like for example when you write a tutorial including one – or more – of my tubes. You don’t have to but it would be nice if you let me know when you do. I would certainly appreciate a link to my Blog.

My Exclusive Freebies may NOT be shared anywhere else!
For those I would like you to link back here.

What you may not….
You can not claim any of my free items as your own You can not make your own products from my free items and sell them in your own sets.

You can not use any of my free items in commerical projects without my permission. I’m not the person that will refuse point blank to reasonable requests, just ask.

When in doubt….
Just ask, if there is anything that is not clear or you’re not sure about something, just contact me and ask.

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