Freebies….SoccerTods (part 1)

Several years ago – during some World Cup Soccer event – I started to create textures for clothing items made by Trumarcar for Lil’Bit, a Toon Character made by RedSpark wich is still available at Daz3D.The textures represent the various nations of the world that would participate in the World Cup and the official nameMeer lezen over “Freebies….SoccerTods (part 1)”

What I’ve been up to….4

It’s a bit chaotic at the moment with all sorts of activities in real life intervening in my Poser-time. The garden needs doing, renovations & repairs are due and of course your everyday housework that keeps coming back. And then there is the creation and planning of the next Dawn. Dawn 2.0 is being createdMeer lezen over “What I’ve been up to….4”

Freebies….Doing Laundry

When you are a bit aquainted in the world of 3DComputer Graphics, you will know that it is hard to find some everyday commonplace items in a tidal wave of a post apocalyptical fantasy world filled with scarcely dressed warrior women, stereotype male heroes, dragons & monsters. Or the just as scarcely dressed modern dayMeer lezen over “Freebies….Doing Laundry”

World in Wireframe – BuggaBoo Practise

Even though I started out with this graphics hobby with DazStudio, that software has always been somewhat of a challenge for me and it remains a source of frustration to this day. It wasn’t untill I bought myself my first copy of Poser – version 6 if I can recall – that the whole worldMeer lezen over “World in Wireframe – BuggaBoo Practise”

What I’ve been up to….1

As always we have been moving to our “summer residence” for the summer. Our “summer residence” being a caravan with a small extension that is being renovated by us now for the past 5 years. Finally we have a gorgeous bathroom & bedroom now, still waiting for our bedside-tables. But those two rooms are finishedMeer lezen over “What I’ve been up to….1”

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