What I’ve been up to….6

Waiting for something – esspecially something you really want – is always hard and costs alot of patience. But since there is not much else I can do, it’s back to work as usual.
Finishing my products that I had started on such as the Garden Leisure poses for Hivewire Dawn and the Patio-Set.

GardenLeisure Poses for Dawn
GardenLeisure Poses for Dawn

I still don’t know how big I’m going to make this set, maybe add 4 more poses for the patio-set itself. I’ve also saved several poses zeroed on the axes so people may use them on other chairs or furniture and of course some partials for the LowerBody & UpperBody.
I was thinking as a small addon to create some animal poses aswell for the Hivewire Bigdog to match these poses.

GardenLeisure Poses for Dawn
GardenLeisure Poses for Dawn

Up to now I have a total of 16 poses to match the patio-set and have the figures interacting with each other. These are also incuding the poses needed for the chairs. I have saved 14 poses to be used as individual poses and of course 14 partial Lower- and UpperBody poses. Included will also be the much needed Defaults for the various elements.

I could add some more detailed poses of Dawn drinking or being served with food or drink but I’m not sure about that. It would require extra content that people may not have and then they would need to tweak the pose maybe to much to get the same result.

For now I will start to save them in DazStudio.


What I’ve been up to….5

Since there are some things going on in the background I’ve started some of the poses I have on my list. One set being the patio-poses for Dawn of course.

But there has been another set playing on my mind since finding out that the Dragonbraid for Dawn would not move over to Renderosity. I have been looking for a braided hair and I found some real nice hairstyles made by Ali. I chose the Hr229 to start with, basically because the hair by Ali is for more characters.

Hr229 for Dawn Braid

Hr229 for Dawn Braid at 1.000

I decided to created some poses for the Hr229 for Dawn for the Everyday Poses that come with Dawn Special Edition. I like that the braid can be made longer so I can create two type of poses. For the basic short version of the braid and for the braid length set at 1.000.
This way I can still re-create the Dragonbraid poses a bit. I won’t include the poses I made esspecially for Dawn since people have allready bought the Little Miss Braided & Braided Again sets for Dawn. People would have to pay twice for the same poses for Dawn that were created initially to match with the Dragonbraid.
Instead I will create braid poses for the second Everyday Poses set for Dawn that is available as a seperate set at Renderosity.

Full pose 01 for LFemme
Hr229 Pose 01 for LFemme

For LaFemme I have a set in mind with just the basic braid size since I will create some poses for LaFemme to go with this set. It will probably based on the poses I created for Dawn. Even though the two characters are not the same and some tweaking is needed.
After Hr229 I have another lovely hairstyle in mind, I believe it’s Hr232 with two braids.

And I have some other sets planned that will depict characters in the daily life of things, as family, as friends and of course their pets.


Freebies….SoccerTods (part 1)

Several years ago – during some World Cup Soccer event – I started to create textures for clothing items made by Trumarcar for Lil’Bit, a Toon Character made by RedSpark wich is still available at Daz3D.
The textures represent the various nations of the world that would participate in the World Cup and the official name is “The International Tods Support your Sport Club” – otherwise known as The SoccerTods. The plan was back then, to create clothing textures for all the nations but I never managed to finish them all. The first two sets – each containing textures for 8 countries – are available at KCTC.

Now the European Cup for Soccer has started, I’ve picked these textures up again and I’m hoping to finish some more of them while the European Cup Event lasts. When the tournement is over I will be back creating the normal freebies and products.

There are 4 new sets of textures. There are textures for Italy, Turkey, Switzerland & Wales added to the SoccerTods.

Switzerland & Italy
Wales & Turkey

Mind you, it has been quite some years since the first textures were created and there are some newer versions of Poser. The first 2 sets date back to 2014 and they still contain Matposes (Pz2 format) that will only work in Poser versions up to Poser 9, maybe PP2012. Don’t worry, those older sets also contain the MC6-format that is used in the Material Room and that works fine in the latest versions Poser 11+

The new textures were created in Poser 12 so the earlier versions will get a Pop-Up about it being content created for a newer version. It will still work though.

For these textures, please go to my new page called “My Freebies Here & There” wich you can find in My Store & Freebies or just click HERE

Let me know if there are any issues.
Have fun creating.


What I’ve been up to….4

It’s a bit chaotic at the moment with all sorts of activities in real life intervening in my Poser-time. The garden needs doing, renovations & repairs are due and of course your everyday housework that keeps coming back. And then there is the creation and planning of the next Dawn.

Dawn 2.0 is being created and I’ve had the pleasure of trying my poses for Dawn 1 to see if they would fit her or that some tweaking may be needed. Dawn 2.0 has a different rigging and though she “flows” in movement just like the original Dawn, she has less body segments then her predecessor.
On the left you see ‘Instyle Pose 02′ on the original Dawn and on the right you see the same pose directly applied to Dawn 2.0 and if you wouldn’t have the two next to each other, you probably wouldn’t notice that much difference.

But as you can see, there is some tweaking needed. The pose isn’t quite the same and I must say, with these type of poses the differences aren’t all that bad. A little tweaking in the limbs and refine the movement a bit in the abdomen, chest & neck.

All in all I don’t think I will have alot of work adjusting my poses for Dawn 1 to fit Dawn 2.0.
But as much as the individual poses won’t be that much of a problem, I fear the duo-poses for when the rest of the family has been upgraded because the Dusk 2.0 & BabyLuna 2.0 are being created also. So I’ve heard.

In the meantime I’m still working on my poses for Dawn & the Patio, planning some poses for L’Femme & L’Homme and I’m working on some free poses to add to my existing sets.
Doing Laundry is still being created but after some excellent tips I’ve decided to replace BabyLuna for Diva.

It was mentioned that in real life a child as young as BabyLuna was far to young to be doing laundry with mum or dad so it was suggested to use maybe Diva. And of course they are right. So I changed the pose immediately from BabyLuna to Diva and now it makes alot more sense.

As with all my poses, the hard part are the hands & fingers. They take up most of my time. I haven’t decided yet wether I will release this first “free AddOn” on my page at Renderosity or here at my blog. I think it only seems right to release it at Renderosity since my set is also available there.


Freebies….Doing Laundry

When you are a bit aquainted in the world of 3DComputer Graphics, you will know that it is hard to find some everyday commonplace items in a tidal wave of a post apocalyptical fantasy world filled with scarcely dressed warrior women, stereotype male heroes, dragons & monsters. Or the just as scarcely dressed modern day girls with the same stereotype muscular heroes in a 21th century setting. Or maybe the same in a science fiction background. And if it aren’t the warrior types, it’s the Dynasty Eleganza that overtakes the space that is left.
But whatever the era or style they may portrait, they never ever seem to eat or do any menial household chores like the dishes, cooking or laundry. Poser & Daz characters have an even easier life then in any commercial. Always beautifull – to perfection – and never have to do any boring work.

Doing Laundry 01

So for a person like me, who takes her inspiration from everyday life as it unfolds, it’s sometimes hard to create the poses I like. Simply because the items needed are hard to find or I haven’t gotten round to buying them yet. Finally I bought some of 2World’s Everyday Items in order to create some of the poses I’ve had in mind for quite some time now.

Doing Laundry 02

And I have decided these little sets of poses, containing maybe one or two poses depicting a domestic scene from every day life, will be made available as a freebie and will serve as an addon for my existing sets that are available in my store at Renderosity.
How I will offer them is still something I’m thinking about. Exclusively at this blog or on my freebie page at Renderosity.


What I’ve been up to….3

Trying to create four poses of wich there are two pairs of mirrored poses is quite a challenge and I’m not very pleased with the results.

Original Pose left – mirrored on the right

With the first original pose I had created it was very easy to re-create it’s mirror with the symmetry function in Poser. Dawn, being very versatile due to her extra body segments, needs some tweaking after that. You have to adjust her Abdomen 2, Chest 2, Neck 2 and her Pelvis by hand. I usually have to mirror only on the side-side & twist rotation axis. Plus you have to switch her feet manually.

But then I wanted to re-create the original pose on the other chairs aswell. Rotating the figure 45° and then mirror that pose to the opposite side. That didn’t quite work out that way.

Poses 3 & 4

Not as symmetrical as I had created the first 2 poses. East and West is easy, mirroring North and South not so much.

Four Poses

It doesn’t look so bad facing the front but you can allready see the chairs are not aligned, at least to my satisfaction and when you see the group from another viewpoint you get a clearer picture.

Four Poses

I can’t get it right and it is getting on my nerves. Having tried these and some of the other poses, I have abandoned the idea of having the same pose 4 times for all four chairs. I will mirror each pose but some of them will be mirrored on the same chair while others will be mirrored to the opposite chair. Simple because the pose mirrors only from East to West and not from North to South.

Pose on Chair04

Like this pose where the torso is facing sideways and the legs are facing towards the table. For me to mirror this pose I would use the symmetry function, switching left & right creating it’s mirror from East to West. But having it position it on the opposite chair, facing the legs towards the table, it would also have to turn from North to South. That I would have to do manually and it just is to much of a pain to get it just right.

Start of new Poses

So while Dawn & friends are trying to look for my mathematical skills, I’ll create some new poses in the meantime and some people have suggested some great idea’s for poses on and around a Patio-Set.
If any of you have some suggestions, please leave them in your comment.


What I’ve been up to….2

Finally I have a day to myself and the weather being rather nice I can sit at our large table in our kinda open conservatory. It really shouldn’t have that name since it’s just a halfopen space you can sit and close with fancy tarp when it rains. It holds our large dining set for the moment untill we have the plans & means to renovate the extension to our caravan. It’s really necessary that it will be renovated because like everything else, it’s old and in need of repair.

In the meantime I’m picking up the work I had started on before we left for our “summer residence” where we will stay untill october hopefully.
I started work on a extensive set of poses for Hivewire Dawn & the Hivewire Patio-Set. I wasn’t planning on making it a big set but as usual I get a bit carried away.

Pose on Chair 01

I decided that since there are 4 chairs around a table, each pose should at least be made for each chair so I started creating mirror poses.

Pose on Chair 03 (mirrored)

Mirroring a pose isn’t really that hard, if it’s the exact opposite. Like from left to right. You just use the symmetry option and tweak the placement of the figure in the scene, not that much work. But it gets harder when you have to turn a figure only 45°, then the left to right doesn’t really work that well.

Pose on Chair 04 (First 45° turn)

It became a problem to create the same pose correctly turning it 45°, for some odd reason the legs didn’t want to be posed in the same direction as the original pose and still look natural. I had to adapt the pose of the legs going away from the table to still have a natural look in the pose. So this turning/mirroring 45° required alot more tweaking then I first imagined.

Pose on Chair 02 (Mirror from Chair 04)

Thinking this would be a one time thing and I could mirror that pose to the opposite chair was rather silly, nope…..left to right works like it should but from top to bottom or up/down doesn’t mirror the same way. I think it’s a hip thing and posing the hip exactly as mirrored from another pose is almost impossible to do by hand. As long as you rotate around one axis it works fine but when you start to rotate a hip pose over 3 axis, it becomes a real struggle to get is exactly the same. Poser will mirror the hip from left to right perfectly. But when you wish to turn a pose 45° it’s a bit of a thing.

The poses are slightly different now and I think I will have another look at it because I really want to see if I can’t re-create that pose turning 45° as it was originally intended, with the legs moving towards the table.

First Standing Pose

I’m also creating some standing poses to go with the set, as an interaction with those who are seated at the table. They also will be mirrored.
I have also created serveral Defaults and Partials for the UpperBody & LowerBody so people will be able to create their own poses around the Patio-Set or, if they don’t have this particular Patio-Set, create poses for Garden Furniture they do have. Mind you, the poses are being created for the HiveWire Patio-Set so when people would use different chairs they would need to tweak a pose.

All the original poses so far


World in Wireframe – BuggaBoo Practise

Even though I started out with this graphics hobby with DazStudio, that software has always been somewhat of a challenge for me and it remains a source of frustration to this day. It wasn’t untill I bought myself my first copy of Poser – version 6 if I can recall – that the whole world of 3D Computer Graphics started to make sense.
I’ve always wondered why. To me it’s MSDos vs Windows. I totally wrecked 3 PC’s trying to figure out MSDos but as soon as I started up a Windows computer I didn’t even have to read the manual. Its the interface, I can’t make heads or tails with that interface that DazStudio uses but since the two worlds merge in some areas I don’t wish to exclude any customer.

I do have DazStudio installed, not the latest-latest version/upgrade with Genesis number whatever but the latest enough. Genesis 8 is the limit for me and I stopped with Victoria 4 since I can’t keep track of the stampede of Victoria’s that are released every year. When it comes to DazStudio, I’ve lost interest in their figures – female, male or otherwise.
But all the Hivewire Figures are compatible with DazStudio and since animal poses are a bit more tricky I really need to learn how to use that UI and at least feel comfortable with it.

So I thought I’d treat myself to a cute little character that uses G8F as a base and start to create some poses for her. I don’t really like any of the grown Genesis 1 to 8 figures that much, I never had the urge to create anything for them and to be honest, browsing the Daz website there are more then enough pose-sets for them around.

And the Queen of cuteness – LadyLittlefox – released just the thing to keep me interested creating poses for DazStudio. BuggaBoo is a cute toon character that is not as versatile as a fullgrown human character so for me it’s a great character to pose with and learn to create some Artwork in DazStudio.

I’ve created 5 poses so far, also a Default and their mirrored version so a total or 10 poses. I’m basing them on other poses I have made in the past for various other characters and I’m not yet sure as to release them as a freebie or sell them.

As always I try to create the poses to be as realistic and as detailed as possible, though with Toon character that is not easy. Toons are – of course – caricatures of the human world. They exaggerate human charactaristics and personalities and BuggaBoo surely is cuteness personified.

Even though Boo has a slightly different bodystructure then your average human figure, it is difficult to created the same human poses but not impossible. I will just have to go about it with a different approach then I normally do and that is what I need to learn if I ever want to create more animal poses and render their promo’s in DazStudio.

In the meantime I’ll continue the poses I have started for Dawn, Dusk, L’Femme, L’Homme and all the others.


What I’ve been up to….1

As always we have been moving to our “summer residence” for the summer. Our “summer residence” being a caravan with a small extension that is being renovated by us now for the past 5 years. Finally we have a gorgeous bathroom & bedroom now, still waiting for our bedside-tables. But those two rooms are finished so far and plans are being made for bringing the extension up to date. Those are the plans for the coming two years.
What I still do not have is a place for my laptop & poser stuff. So working there is still a bit improvising with what is available. If the weather is warm enough I can sit at the dining/hobby set in our semi outdoor/indoor extension of the extension. It’s the only place where we can put a dining set, it’s halfopen so it’s to cold when the temperatures are to low.
Plans are to expand the closed extension a bit so we have space for a table and chairs inside.

So in the meantime I have been making a list of what poses I can make and what poses people would like me to create. I’ve been looking for foto’s as a reference, I always use foto’s as a reference for certain poses to create them as realisitic as possible.
So far I have a small list;
1. Group poses for Dusk/other male characters.
2. Mixed group poses for Dusk & Dawn/other characters.
3. Party Poses for Dusk & Dawn/other characters.
4. Riding poses bareback and racing poses…..

At the moment I’m working on poses for the PatioSet by Fab3D and the accesoires for PatioSet by Hivewire3D.

Initially these poses are for Hivewire Dawn & Dusk. The plans are that I will create those poses also for L’Femme & L’Homme. And who knows, I may even consider creating them for GF8 & GM8.

I’ve been purchasing some furniture-sets at Renderosity to create pose-sets for these scenes, like the Garden Fireplace by RPublishing for wich I’m planning poses aswell. Both patio-sets can be used in Poser aswell as in DazStudio so I can keep myself busy this summer.
There are some other sets I bought but if I tell you I have been looking at reference photo’s for kitchens & nurseries that should give you enought clues. Also some pictures of puppies at play should give some idea’s as to what I’m working on.

Any other suggestions or wishes for poses you may leave in the comments. I do have enough testers but I can always use an extra pair of good eyes to check my work. So, if you have Poser 11, preferably 12 and/or DazStudio 4.10 with the items that are needed to test my poses, esspecially the main characters, and you have time and motivation to test items for Poser and DazStudio you can fill out the contactform at the bottom of the page HERE.
You will receive my product for free once it has been released in store.


World in Wireframe – Poser & Daz

Animals are not always the easiest to create poses for. I want them to be as natural as possible, to honor the animal as much as possible. But they are not always the most active in the things they do. It’s not easy catching an animal doing anything other then standing, laying or just sitting. Like for example the gorilla but also deer and other herbivores that don’t do anything other then stand around ruminating all day.
Another thing I had to learn is DazStudio as I mostly work in Poser.

Esspecially when working on the King of the Forest poses my patience with DazStudio was severly tested. I always have issue with the interface.
The ball-like tool in the right uppercorner of the DazStudio workspace doesn’t do it for me so I take to the dials. Used to Poser the dials are right there, in Daz I have to make sure I select the right tab first. The tab for posing that is.
For most sets I create nowadays, I always include partials in both Poser and DazStudio.

I also, if anyway possible , create extra’s like defaults for the Lowerbodies, Upperbodies, Hindbodies, Heads&Necks, Tails, Braids and such. Sometimes I will include what you may call a ‘starter-pose’. Esspecially for a braid that is usefull. All to make it easier for people who wish to create their own poses. I know that getting started when creating a pose, especially with animals and/or certain hairstyles, can become quite frustrating when you are just new to Poser and/or DazStudio.

When I started a new project, poses for the Hivewire Tiger, I thought it would fit nicely with the Fallen Tree scene by Hivewire. I was creating the poses based on that scene but of course, with some tweaking and adjusting, they can be used with other tree-scenes aswell.

I thought he Fallen Tree is a great scene for a simple and nice set of poses for people to get started on creating some nice animal scenes. Fallen Tree comes in two versions, one with a base and one without a base. Of course my poses will be created for both versions.
For the Base & No-Base aswell as for Poser & DazStudio.

And since I’m saving multiple options anyway, I’ve decided to add the tailposes as a seperate option aswell. Also available for both versions of the scene aswell as the software.

As always my poses are created to be suitable for a 360° viewpoint, saved without morphs and created starting with the hip as base so the body won’t change position when the character is moved in the scene.
Saving a pose without any morphs is essential. If you save a pose with the morphs included it will have an effect on the pose if the morphs aren’t loaded. It is also important to leave all the dials for the “Body” at zero and start creating a pose based on the “Hip”. This is esspecially usefull when using the “Translation” dials. That way when moving a character in the scene with the “Body”-selected, you can keep switching poses without that the character moves back to the “zero”-position in the workspace.


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