My name is Josephine, I was born & raised in the Netherlands. I was born in 1966 so you do the math. It was definitely before the computer-era so everything I do using a PC now, is selftaught.  

I have a great love for nature wich comes from my father. My interest in Art, Crafts and Literature comes from my mum for sure, but I didn’t inherit her talent. So when someone gifted me PaintShopPro back in the day I started dabbling around in. I started making small images with tubes and backgrounds. It wasn’t long before I discovered 3D Tubes and I became curious. I discovered software like DazStudio and Poser. I downloaded DazStudio and bought Poser 6 in a Sale. That was the start of a hobby that slowly grew into something a little bigger.

When I was asked to test a cute little character called Scampixie Pranx by Elleque & Trumarcar, I decided to create some poses for Pranx. It was a dear online friend of mine who advised me to sell those, to become a vendor. And I started at Renderosity with my very first product.
I sold exclusively at Hivewire3D, create poses for Dawn, Dusk & the rest of the family. Hivewire is a great community where I feel at home and when they decided to close their store I felt sad but I moved my products over to Renderosity.
I will be exclusive to Renderosity with all the items that I will make. For Dawn, Dusk and all of the Hivewire Family but also for L’Femme and L’Homme. I’m not one of the great vendors but it pays for my hobby.

Allthough I’m still trying to grasp the workings of DazStudio, I will probably always remain a Poser-fan. I don’t know what the future will bring, or that I will be a vendor forever but I do feel that I want to bring everything to one place. So here you will find the projects I have worked on, the projects that I am working on now, the items that I sell at Renderosity, the free items I created for Renderosity, the forum of Hivewire and some exclusive ones here.

For my active exclusive items please visit my Store at Renderosity. For my Retired Items please contact me via the form below.

Enjoy your stay on my blog and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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