What I’ve been up to….4

It’s a bit chaotic at the moment with all sorts of activities in real life intervening in my Poser-time. The garden needs doing, renovations & repairs are due and of course your everyday housework that keeps coming back. And then there is the creation and planning of the next Dawn.

Dawn 2.0 is being created and I’ve had the pleasure of trying my poses for Dawn 1 to see if they would fit her or that some tweaking may be needed. Dawn 2.0 has a different rigging and though she “flows” in movement just like the original Dawn, she has less body segments then her predecessor.
On the left you see ‘Instyle Pose 02′ on the original Dawn and on the right you see the same pose directly applied to Dawn 2.0 and if you wouldn’t have the two next to each other, you probably wouldn’t notice that much difference.

But as you can see, there is some tweaking needed. The pose isn’t quite the same and I must say, with these type of poses the differences aren’t all that bad. A little tweaking in the limbs and refine the movement a bit in the abdomen, chest & neck.

All in all I don’t think I will have alot of work adjusting my poses for Dawn 1 to fit Dawn 2.0.
But as much as the individual poses won’t be that much of a problem, I fear the duo-poses for when the rest of the family has been upgraded because the Dusk 2.0 & BabyLuna 2.0 are being created also. So I’ve heard.

In the meantime I’m still working on my poses for Dawn & the Patio, planning some poses for L’Femme & L’Homme and I’m working on some free poses to add to my existing sets.
Doing Laundry is still being created but after some excellent tips I’ve decided to replace BabyLuna for Diva.

It was mentioned that in real life a child as young as BabyLuna was far to young to be doing laundry with mum or dad so it was suggested to use maybe Diva. And of course they are right. So I changed the pose immediately from BabyLuna to Diva and now it makes alot more sense.

As with all my poses, the hard part are the hands & fingers. They take up most of my time. I haven’t decided yet wether I will release this first “free AddOn” on my page at Renderosity or here at my blog. I think it only seems right to release it at Renderosity since my set is also available there.


Eén opmerking over 'What I’ve been up to….4'

  1. I did hardly make poses by myself. But, I understand making poses of hands that grab something are very difficult. Sometimes I bended my neck to peek inside the character’s hand, which I shouldn’t be able to see. Such works require very delicate operations. I’m looking forward to seeing the completion of your works!


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