World in Wireframe – BuggaBoo Practise

Even though I started out with this graphics hobby with DazStudio, that software has always been somewhat of a challenge for me and it remains a source of frustration to this day. It wasn’t untill I bought myself my first copy of Poser – version 6 if I can recall – that the whole world of 3D Computer Graphics started to make sense.
I’ve always wondered why. To me it’s MSDos vs Windows. I totally wrecked 3 PC’s trying to figure out MSDos but as soon as I started up a Windows computer I didn’t even have to read the manual. Its the interface, I can’t make heads or tails with that interface that DazStudio uses but since the two worlds merge in some areas I don’t wish to exclude any customer.

I do have DazStudio installed, not the latest-latest version/upgrade with Genesis number whatever but the latest enough. Genesis 8 is the limit for me and I stopped with Victoria 4 since I can’t keep track of the stampede of Victoria’s that are released every year. When it comes to DazStudio, I’ve lost interest in their figures – female, male or otherwise.
But all the Hivewire Figures are compatible with DazStudio and since animal poses are a bit more tricky I really need to learn how to use that UI and at least feel comfortable with it.

So I thought I’d treat myself to a cute little character that uses G8F as a base and start to create some poses for her. I don’t really like any of the grown Genesis 1 to 8 figures that much, I never had the urge to create anything for them and to be honest, browsing the Daz website there are more then enough pose-sets for them around.

And the Queen of cuteness – LadyLittlefox – released just the thing to keep me interested creating poses for DazStudio. BuggaBoo is a cute toon character that is not as versatile as a fullgrown human character so for me it’s a great character to pose with and learn to create some Artwork in DazStudio.

I’ve created 5 poses so far, also a Default and their mirrored version so a total or 10 poses. I’m basing them on other poses I have made in the past for various other characters and I’m not yet sure as to release them as a freebie or sell them.

As always I try to create the poses to be as realistic and as detailed as possible, though with Toon character that is not easy. Toons are – of course – caricatures of the human world. They exaggerate human charactaristics and personalities and BuggaBoo surely is cuteness personified.

Even though Boo has a slightly different bodystructure then your average human figure, it is difficult to created the same human poses but not impossible. I will just have to go about it with a different approach then I normally do and that is what I need to learn if I ever want to create more animal poses and render their promo’s in DazStudio.

In the meantime I’ll continue the poses I have started for Dawn, Dusk, L’Femme, L’Homme and all the others.


Eén opmerking over 'World in Wireframe – BuggaBoo Practise'

  1. Cute render of Boo!
    For me, Poser is Mac OS and Daz Studio is Windows OS. Poser was software for Mac OS in the first place. As a Mac user, I like Poser’s UI than Daz Studio’s. But, I’m not good at making poses, even with Poser.


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