What I’ve been up to….1

As always we have been moving to our “summer residence” for the summer. Our “summer residence” being a caravan with a small extension that is being renovated by us now for the past 5 years. Finally we have a gorgeous bathroom & bedroom now, still waiting for our bedside-tables. But those two rooms are finished so far and plans are being made for bringing the extension up to date. Those are the plans for the coming two years.
What I still do not have is a place for my laptop & poser stuff. So working there is still a bit improvising with what is available. If the weather is warm enough I can sit at the dining/hobby set in our semi outdoor/indoor extension of the extension. It’s the only place where we can put a dining set, it’s halfopen so it’s to cold when the temperatures are to low.
Plans are to expand the closed extension a bit so we have space for a table and chairs inside.

So in the meantime I have been making a list of what poses I can make and what poses people would like me to create. I’ve been looking for foto’s as a reference, I always use foto’s as a reference for certain poses to create them as realisitic as possible.
So far I have a small list;
1. Group poses for Dusk/other male characters.
2. Mixed group poses for Dusk & Dawn/other characters.
3. Party Poses for Dusk & Dawn/other characters.
4. Riding poses bareback and racing poses…..

At the moment I’m working on poses for the PatioSet by Fab3D and the accesoires for PatioSet by Hivewire3D.

Initially these poses are for Hivewire Dawn & Dusk. The plans are that I will create those poses also for L’Femme & L’Homme. And who knows, I may even consider creating them for GF8 & GM8.

I’ve been purchasing some furniture-sets at Renderosity to create pose-sets for these scenes, like the Garden Fireplace by RPublishing for wich I’m planning poses aswell. Both patio-sets can be used in Poser aswell as in DazStudio so I can keep myself busy this summer.
There are some other sets I bought but if I tell you I have been looking at reference photo’s for kitchens & nurseries that should give you enought clues. Also some pictures of puppies at play should give some idea’s as to what I’m working on.

Any other suggestions or wishes for poses you may leave in the comments. I do have enough testers but I can always use an extra pair of good eyes to check my work. So, if you have Poser 11, preferably 12 and/or DazStudio 4.10 with the items that are needed to test my poses, esspecially the main characters, and you have time and motivation to test items for Poser and DazStudio you can fill out the contactform at the bottom of the page HERE.
You will receive my product for free once it has been released in store.


Eén opmerking over 'What I’ve been up to….1'

  1. Gorgeous bathroom & bedroom, it sounds great!
    My suggestion, some poses like 2-3 people snuggling up and taking snapshots, one or more person remains seated. To explain the situation, a photographer called out to the people who were chatting at the party. People look at the camera and smile or make a cheerful pose. Users become photographers and make renders of party snap shots.

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