World in Wireframe – Poser & Daz

Animals are not always the easiest to create poses for. I want them to be as natural as possible, to honor the animal as much as possible. But they are not always the most active in the things they do. It’s not easy catching an animal doing anything other then standing, laying or just sitting. Like for example the gorilla but also deer and other herbivores that don’t do anything other then stand around ruminating all day.
Another thing I had to learn is DazStudio as I mostly work in Poser.

Esspecially when working on the King of the Forest poses my patience with DazStudio was severly tested. I always have issue with the interface.
The ball-like tool in the right uppercorner of the DazStudio workspace doesn’t do it for me so I take to the dials. Used to Poser the dials are right there, in Daz I have to make sure I select the right tab first. The tab for posing that is.
For most sets I create nowadays, I always include partials in both Poser and DazStudio.

I also, if anyway possible , create extra’s like defaults for the Lowerbodies, Upperbodies, Hindbodies, Heads&Necks, Tails, Braids and such. Sometimes I will include what you may call a ‘starter-pose’. Esspecially for a braid that is usefull. All to make it easier for people who wish to create their own poses. I know that getting started when creating a pose, especially with animals and/or certain hairstyles, can become quite frustrating when you are just new to Poser and/or DazStudio.

When I started a new project, poses for the Hivewire Tiger, I thought it would fit nicely with the Fallen Tree scene by Hivewire. I was creating the poses based on that scene but of course, with some tweaking and adjusting, they can be used with other tree-scenes aswell.

I thought he Fallen Tree is a great scene for a simple and nice set of poses for people to get started on creating some nice animal scenes. Fallen Tree comes in two versions, one with a base and one without a base. Of course my poses will be created for both versions.
For the Base & No-Base aswell as for Poser & DazStudio.

And since I’m saving multiple options anyway, I’ve decided to add the tailposes as a seperate option aswell. Also available for both versions of the scene aswell as the software.

As always my poses are created to be suitable for a 360° viewpoint, saved without morphs and created starting with the hip as base so the body won’t change position when the character is moved in the scene.
Saving a pose without any morphs is essential. If you save a pose with the morphs included it will have an effect on the pose if the morphs aren’t loaded. It is also important to leave all the dials for the “Body” at zero and start creating a pose based on the “Hip”. This is esspecially usefull when using the “Translation” dials. That way when moving a character in the scene with the “Body”-selected, you can keep switching poses without that the character moves back to the “zero”-position in the workspace.


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