World in Wireframe – Little Diva

Usually I work on more then one set of poses at a time. I don’t know if any other person will relate to this but there are times I don’t get any idea’s at all. Only to be followed by weeks on end with one idea after another. So when I get into that state of mind when I’m overrun with idea’s, I set them up in my favorite choice of software and I will work on them untill a new idea comes to me.
When the funk of “I can’t think of anything to create” hits, and it always does, I will go back to the first idea I had and start working on that again. This helps alot to get my muse back I must say.

So when the first set of “Little Miss Braided” was being evaluated, I worked on the “Braided Again” set and I started a “Darling Diva” folder.
A looong, looong time ago I had a brainwave of modelling my own Alphabet and for the visitors of my blog that prop-set is freely available in my exclusive freebie-section or at the Hivewire3D forum. 
After many trials and tribulations I managed to create a very simple Alphabet. And I mean a very simple Alphabet plus the awareness that modelling maybe wasn’t for me, not at that time anyway. But who knows, I’ve been known to pick up on old idea’s and try again.

Anyhew, I made duo-poses for Kids4 with my alphabet back in the day. A boy and a girl playing with enormous letters of the Alphabet. Nowadays I create mainly poses for the Hivewire family so I figured I’d convert those poses to Diva. It’s a bit of a job, 52 poses in total so I decided to cut it short a bit and create a smaller set based on those poses.
I might get back to it and convert the set I did for Kids 4 to Hivewire Diva as a whole.

While those were being tested, a puppy was released. The cutest little dog based of the Hivewire BigDog and there was was new idea for a set of poses. I had allready released a small set for the Hivewire BigDog & Diva called Best Friends, a Sweet Deal set of 4 duo-poses. So it was only logical that I started working on duo-poses for the Hivewire Puppy & Diva.

I wasn’t not sure if this would become a larger set of poses or that I would create a smaller set as a Sweet Deal, like I did for the Best Friends-set. I decided to make this an exclusive freebie wich is available at my blog.
The poses are compatible in Poser aswell as in DazStudio.

In the meantime are the 52 poses for Kids4 available as an exclusive freebie and Darling Diva has been moved and released in my store at Renderosity.


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