World in Wireframe – The Braid

Since I started creating poses for Poser – and now DazStudio – I found that I have the patience for tails, braids and other sorts of snake-like meshes. The bending, twisting and making them curl around an object comes easy to me. I wouldn’t for the life of me know where I developed such talent and patience but apparently I do.

One of my latest attempts is the Dragonbraid for Dawn, a beautifull hairstyle made by Arki.
I love long braided hair like this but usually there are hardly any poses for it and they take a while to create.
I ended up creating two sets of poses for this particular hairstyle. For the first set I had some poses for Dawn in mind that would compliment the Braid, so I created some poses for her and the Braid. Then I figured it would be nice to create some poses for the Braid that would compliment the Everyday Poses for Dawn that come with Dawn Special Edition.

I created 9 poses for Dawn & the Braid. Can you just picture her, sitting on a large shroom as an Elven Queen? Or maybe she’s just a Maiden, sitting by a pond, dreaming of romance. When I create a pose I always do that in the wireframe view. It allows me to see a mesh without all the bells and whistles. It shows when I bend or twist, the mesh won’t fold in on itself or break. Or whether it will stretch so far that the pose will look unnatural.

The biggest issue I always have are the hands & fingers. The way a human holds and/or grabs things starts in the shoulder. How the shoulder is positioned often determines on where and how the hands will reach, on how the fingers are able to grab an object. When I create a pose myself I can adjust the pose the way I think the ‘flow’ of the movement should be. And I always aim to create it as natural as possible. Since a mesh doesn’t have the flexibility of a human body, and then in particular the human skin, it is sometimes very difficult to achieve that natural pose.

For this set I also added poses for the Braid that can be used with the Everyday Poses that come with Dawn Special Edition. These Everyday Poses weren’t created by me so then I have to make sure that I do not change anything in the pose itself, just the pose for the Braid. That is a challenge in itself sometimes. But when the base is good, it is easy.
When I created the 9 poses for the Braid to go with the 9 Everyday Poses I also created one pose to adjust the arms of StandingPose 04.

Original EverydayPose Standing 04
Adjusted EverydayPose Standing 04

When an original pose is created hardly anyone thinks of clothing and hair that a character wears. Me included and it’s when I use existing poses to create add-ons for, such as poses for a braid, that I bump into these little jewels. I couldn’t leave this so I adjusted the positioning of the hands by change the shoulders a little. This turns the arms, leaving the hands as they are without creating weird bends or extreme side-to-side movements.  I added this to the partial poses I had allready created, two very simple “braid over the shoulder” poses to get people started with their own creation.

Now the Dragonbraid for Hivewire Dawn is no longer available since Hivewire closed their store. My poses for the Braid will retired now and maybe, who knows, made available here through this blog.

I know that the Dragonbraid has also been created for Victoria 4 and I believe is still available at Daz3D as a bundle. The poses for the Braid could probably work on the Braid for Victoria 4 but they will need some serious tweaking when used with poses for Victoria 4. So when you purchase these sets of my poses you must realize that they were created specifically for the Dragonbraid for Dawn to compliment poses for Dawn. And that they were tested specially for that.


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