World in Wireframe – First Steps

Since I started creating poses for Poser I found that I have the patience for tails, braids and other sorts of snake-like meshes. The bending, twisting and making them curl around an object comes easy to me. I wouldn’t for the life of me know where I developed such talent but when I started playing with Scampixie Pranx and created poses for this cute creature.
I believe my first set for Pranx was “Shake a Tail”, simple set of poses with mirrored versions.

Apparently the tail wasn’t a problem for me to pose. I loved creating Art in Poser – Poser 6 at the time I believe.
I didn’t have any experience as a vendor whatsoever and if it wasn’t for a friend of mine at KCTC, I wouldn’t even have considered it.
She helped me alot understanding the basics of how Poser works, how to save “poses”, how to create MT5 and MC6 materials, how to create things from scratch, by that time I had bought Poser 7.

When Elleque & Trumarcar came with their Scampixie Pranx, that was my start in creating poses and selling them. Shake a Tail was my first set but not my most succesfull one.
The first version of Pranx came with it’s own alphabet, the TrueTube Letters and I decided to create poses for each letter.
Pranx ABC was born.

It took a while to finish this set and apparently people loved it when it was finally released. It really gave me the feeling I could actually do something well in Poser. Esspecially the tailposes, wich I started to save seperately as partial-poses.

This set was large, very expanded with 26 Fullbody-Poses, 26 Lowerbody-Poses, 26 Upperbody-Poses & 26 Tailposes.
It has been retired since a while now, created in Poser 6 and only compatible with the first version of Pranx but it does have a special place in my heart since it was my first big item in store.
Now this set is available as an exclusive freebie at my Blog.


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