World in Wireframe – The Beginning

     My name is Josephine but in the world of 3D Art I’m known as Pommerlis. A long, long, loooong time ago I started out with a program called PaintShopPro 9. Actually, I still use it sometimes for postwork but now I have upgraded to the latest version. That software program led to a whole new universe of 3D software such as DazStudio, Poser, Carrara, Hexagon and I was lost.
From creating very amateuristic images to creating content has been a long road but that is where I’m at today. I dare to say it out loud know, I’m kinda good at creating poses and that is what I do most. I also try my hand at textures and I have started to read & learn about modelling. This hobby is certainly expanding it’s grounds.
As a vendor I had my own store as an exclusive vendor  at HiveWire3D, where I create poses for Dawn,Dusk and all of their relatives. Human and Animals. But sadly that store had to close and I decided to move to Renderosity where I am an exclusive vendor now. So you will only find my new commercial items there.
If you are interested in visiting my store; Pommerlis.
     Though I prefer Poser have upgraded to PoserPro11.2 and purchased Poser 12, I got myself re-acquainted with DazStudio and I am slowly getting round to creating poses for Genesis. With all the new and improved versions being released I think I will choose only one of the many and stick to Genesis 8, I’m not sure though.
With the new Poser lady, LaFemme being released it’s becoming a bit flooded with all these characters. But there are still some favorite toons and I think for most of these I will create freebies wich will be available on my freebie-page at Renderosity. The more exclusive freebie will be available via this blog.
But most of my time will be spend with Dawn & Dusk anyway.
     When I create poses, I always create them in a Wireframe View, that works best for me. I don’t know why but somehow I get more detail en “flow” in the pose if I can see the mesh in it’s orginal state. So that is the world I mostly move around in, my World in Wireframe. It looks something like this;
     This is an example of one of my first sets of poses I created for Victoria 4 & Michael 4. The “Let’s dance ballroom-set”, it wasn’t my very first set. My very first poses I created as a Vendor were for Scampixie Pranx. That cute little character got me into selling poses in the first place.

When working in ‘LitWireframe’, I can see the mesh more detailed. I’m a bit of a nitpicker when it comes to these things. A pose has to be right the whole 360° round, no bodyparts dissapearing into the mesh and the pose has to be as natural as possible. And I always have a an issue with hands & fingers.

Hands & fingers usually take up most of my time. I know that there are vendors out there that can create masses of poses every single day but I can’t work like that. For me a pose has to be right, it has to look like a natural movement of the body and it has to be some sort of representation of what daily life looks like.

So there you have it, a small introduction and the beginning of my World in Wireframe in a nutshell.


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